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From the Department of Virginia Legislative Officer

From:  Department Legislative Officer John Bonnell

To: Marines of the Department

Good Day Marines of Virginia. I have been appointed as the Boy Scout Chairman for the Department. In this capacity I am requesting that each Detachment Commandant approach their membership and discuss the awarding of the Marine Corps League Certificate of Good Citizenship for Eagle Scouts.   The program is one of recognizing the achievement of a Boy Scout in earning the MCL Eagle Scout Award. It is our opportunity to congratulate the Scout and let the scouting community know that we as Marines appreciate and admire the effort, and the assumed responsibility, the Scout has put forth to achieve the honor and leadership associated with the hard work of earning the Eagle Award.  The award lets the local Scouting Movement be aware that the skills the boy has mastered in order to obtain his Eagle are held in very high regard by the Marine Corps, Marine Corps League and businesses throughout the world. We charge him with the responsibility of being one of our nation’s future leaders, and how his Scout Oath, Law and training will remain with him his entire life to help guide him.

This award helps the us to fulfill part of our Marine Corps League Mission to preserve the traditions, promote interest, and perpetuate the history of the Marine Corps.  In this instance to keep the Marine Corps and League in the public eye and to do good works in the community.  The program will benefit the Detachment by exposure in the community (picture and /or story in paper) and recruiting possibilities. (I have met many Marines at these ceremonies) and more members involved in Detachment functions.T he program can assist the Troop also by allowing them participate in our community service projects to gain hours needed for advancement, (T/T, Veteran Programs, Vets. Day or Memorial Day Ceremonies).Members with certain skills and education can also qualify to become Merit Badge Councilors to help the Scouts advance. The Detachment could award a "Camping Scholarship" to help pay all or part of a boy’s summer camp costs with the troop.  The cost to the Detachment is minimal, $2.00 for the certificate, $$$ for an inexpensive frame or folder and an hour or so at the Court of Honor.  There is usually some decent chow after the ceremony and time to "howdy and shake".

The steps to establishing the program in general are: (1) a Detachment vote to do it; (2) assign a volunteer to be your Eagle Scout Coordinator; (3) contact me with the coordinator’s name and contact data (some one with BSA experience will be helpful, but not necessary). (4) contact your local Scout Council and it will help you contact your local Scout District Executive (DE). Working with the DE, you can ask for time to explain our program and gain support from the troops by an appearance at the District Roundtable (A monthly program meeting for adult Scouters), and meeting key people.

When you let me know of your participation I have a few sheets of info I will share with you.  I only ask that you report to me the by 1 January and 1 July the number of awards made in the interval with the troop numbers and community.  I sent an E-Mail to all Detachment Commandant’s on 3 August 2012 with a heads-up about this program. I will answer your questions at or 757-686-8874.  This doesn’t need to be a big complicated program, keep it local and expand when you feel comfortable.

Scouting can be fun and the folks are your friends or neighbors. Thanks to all for your support.

"A Boy is the Only Thing God can use to make a Man."

Semper Fi
John Bonnell, jr.
Department of Virginia BSA Chairman